"Sharon is amazing. From the very first email, she was so kind, genuine, and professional. She made every interaction after that so special. She takes the time to really get to know you as an individual and as couple. Her questionnaire was such a unique part of the whole experience. Not only does it make you reflect on your own self, it helps to reflect on your relationship. From all her Skypes, questionnaire, and emails, she put together the most amazing ceremony. It was like having your best friend marry you. One of the best parts of the ceremony was the poem that she wrote for me and my wife. It was so perfect. She helped us organize ourselves for the rehearsal, and then helped make sure everything went smoothly on the big day. She is such a sweet soul, and you just can't go wrong by hiring her. If you want your ceremony to be special and personalized. she's your gal. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Sharon!!"

~Rebecca, November 2016

"It was like having our best friend marry us"

©Fiona Image

©Fiona Image

"Every one of our guests commented on how warm and how "us" the ceremony was."

"It's impossible for us to articulate how incredible it was to work with Sharon. She is warm, caring, and creative as well as organized, professional, and flexible. The process leading up to the wedding (in-person meetings, couple questionnaires, creating the ceremony) was informative and enlightening. Sharon also made complex pieces (wedding license, timelines, ceremony set-up) a breeze. When the day of the wedding arrived Sharon was a much needed force of calm. She took time to individually check-in with both of us and even helped with some last-minute space set-up! And when it came to our ceremony, Sharon made it magical, both with her presence and the beautiful words she wrote. Every one of our guests commented on how warm and how "us" the ceremony was. This was because of Sharon. We can't thank her enough for making our ceremony beyond incredible, and our favorite part of the day. To say we highly recommend Sharon is an understatement!"

~Danielle & Garrett, October 2016

santa rosa elopement

"Sharon is Amazing! We didn't really know what w wanted our ceremony to be like, other than "not religious and not stuffy." When we met with Sharon, she asked all the right questions to help us come up with a plan that would make the day perfect. It felt more like a conversation than an interview and we immediately loved her vibe, personality, and ability to get us to discover what we wanted-not only for the beautifully personal ceremony, but also, what we wanted for our future. Her preparation process sets her apart. She guided us through a relationship deep-dive that brought us closer together and gave her an honest understanding of who we are as people and as a couple. Her guiding questions pushed us to take time to reflect and focus on love, ourselves, and our relationship, and our answers gave her an honest understanding of who we were as individuals and as a couple. Because she got to know us so well , she was able to help us with our vows and came up with personal details that made the day "incredibly us." She wrote a beautiful ceremony that read like a story. There were many laughs and tears and her calming presence was much appreciated when we had to talk through those tears. Sharon feels like a friend that we want to continue to be in our lives. Thank you, Sharon!

~Leah and Jose, August 2017

"She she asked all the right questions to help us come up with a plan that would make the day perfect. "

"It was a bit nerve-racking searching for an officiant, we didn't know what to expect and we were so glad that we found Sharon!. Our initial conversation went very smoothly, she asked all the right questions and quickly empathized that with all the hectic wedding planning, not to forget first and foremost why we were getting married in the first place.She reminded us of our love and quickly got us gushing about all the feelings that we tend to forget during stressful times.Sharon really took the time to get to know us. She gave us a very in-depth questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire took some time and thought but because it was so thorough, there was not much room to leave anything out. this was also how she was able to personalize our wedding ceremony to a tee. We then later met together to go over the questionnaire in detail so that she could really put together our story, our journey and what we hope to aspire to in our marriage. When it all came together it was perfect. It was as if she had been in our relationship the whole time, as if she knew the both of us! What she wrote for our ceremony had us in tears within seconds of reading it. We loved how much detail she put into personalizing our ceremony. It was funny, touching, warm, and the delivery was perfect. Other great things about Sharon...She responds right away,great with email and texts. She is warm, calm, and an amazing listener; somehow you just want to tell her stuff! Sharon was early to the wedding and rehearsal, and she was so patient even when half of the bridal party was almost an hour late. She never flustered or showed frustration. She was humble and available. She checked in from time to time and always seemed present. It never seemed like she was only there to do the job on the wedding day. She really took the time to make our wedding ceremony special.She even gifted us a hand fasting ritual, which we would not have ever thought of ourselves! Hire Sharon!!! You will not be disappointed!! 

~Tammy & Bradley, December 2016

"It was as if she had been in our relationship the whole time."

©Katrina Jayne Photography

©Katrina Jayne Photography

"Sharon completely got what we were going for and she seamlessly put together a ceremony that stayed true to who we are."

"Sharon is an amazing officiant and we are so incredibly thankful to her for making our ceremony everything we hoped it would be.When our family friend bailed on us a month before our wedding, we desperately called around and interviewed over ten officiants. Sharon was the only one that we felt matched what we were looking for, and we were so relieved that she was available and willing to work with us in such a short time period. Sharon COMPLETELY got what we were going for and she seamlessly put together a ceremony that stayed true to who we are, while incorporating various family member's wishes. The questionnaire she has is such an amazing process to do-you complete it separately from your fiancé and then share afterwards. Sharon pulled so many great things out of that questionnaire for the ceremony and it really felt like she knew us! Sharon takes the time to make sure your ceremony is true to you and uniquely yours. We are so thankful that she was our officiant and that we have a great friend out of it. Hire Sharon as your officiant!It'll be one of the best decisions you'll make for your wedding! "

~Allie & Spencer, May 2017

"We loved working with Sharon! She was very responsive and got us thinking about the real reasons we wanted to get married. Meeting with her was the jumping off point to many important , connecting conversations that helped us to deepen our relationship amidst all the craziness of wedding planning. She crafted a beautiful ceremony that our friends and family loved, and we found ourselves feeling calmed by her presence the day of the wedding. She was very organized and helpful throughout the whole process. We are so happy that we found her"

~A & A, March 2017

"She got us thinking about the real reasons we wanted to get married."

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 4.26.10 PM.png

"For our marriage ceremony, we wanted a secular ceremony that reflected the values we had brought to our relationship. Our planner put us in touch with several Bay Area officiants but it was clear that Sharon was the right fit for what we were looking for. Sharon is charming, compassionate, and a graceful person who will work with you to construct and lead an intimate ceremony. She has a calm demeanor and always has a smile on her face. In just a few hours of conversation she synthesized our core beliefs and sacred truths putting together a draft for our ceremony that captured all the things we were looking for. In fact, while reading the first draft, we were overcome with so much love and emotion, that we started to tear up. Sharon helpfully checked in with us as we neared the date to make sure the ceremony still felt true. She has a great eye for detail. During our rehearsal she pointed out different ways we could approach the altar and we we could pass the microphone amongst our wedding party for their readings. All of our guests remarked on how unique, beautiful and personal our ceremony was, which Sharon all brought to the table. In sum, if you are looking for a joyful and secular officiant who can help you create a ceremony that reflects your relationship, look no further than Sharon. We are so proud of how she helped make our wedding day a joyful and special occasion for us and our families."

                                                                                                                                   ~Thomas & Craig, August 2017

" In just a few hours of conversation, Sharon synthesized our core beliefs and sacred truths, putting together a ceremony that captured all the things we were looking for."

"From the moment we met Sharon, we knew she was the right person to marry us. We wanted someone who would take the time to know our story, who would go above and beyond, and truly be passionate about being a part of our journey. Without Sharon, our wedding would not have been complete. Our family members all captured the love Sharon delivered throughout the ceremony. With her guidance, we created a non-traditional ceremony that best described us. Thank you so much, Sharon!"

                                                                                                                                   ~P & D, May 2017

"Without Sharon, our ceremony would not have been complete."

"We knew that Sharon was a beautifully genuine person the very first moment we met her. She gives nothing but positive, relaxing vibes which is exactly what we needed for our wedding day. During the craziness of planning a wedding, Sharon helped us remember why we are having this ceremony to begin with. We were very comfortable in sharing our love story with her and her calmness through the process was much needed and appreciated.Our family and friends loved her as well. We will definitely reach out to her again when we renew our vows!

~Sarah and David, June 2017

"She gives nothing but positive, relaxing vibes..."

©Frank J Lee Photography

©Frank J Lee Photography

"We were introduced to Sharon by referral. Before contacting her, we went to her website to get an idea of her experience. We immediately knew that we had to meet Sharon and get to know her more. We confirmed at the first meeting that Sharon was the right person and we did not even bother to look elsewhere. Completing the questionnaire that Sharon developed was a critical piece for Sharon getting to know us and also provided many self-discovery moments that strengthens our relationship everyday. Our wedding vows were both tearful and funny with Sharon's help. Her experience and suggestions helped guide us towards the words we felt but had trouble finding before. The wedding rehearsal and ceremony went without a hitch. We do not have enough hands and toes to count the raving complients we recieved during, after and continue to this day. IF you are looking for a partner to help glue it all together, Sharon is the right person for your speical day. If we were ever going to have another ceremony, we would ask Sharon without any hesitation."

~Tiffany & Steve, June 2017

"Completing the questionnaire that Sharon developed provided many self-discovery moments that strengthens our relationship everyday."

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